Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Results

Saturday, 3 December 2016
FAI Junior Cup Fifth Round:
Knocknaheeney Celtic A 1 Peak Villa 4;
Grattan United A 3 Drumogill FC 0;
Bootroad Celtic 1 Pearse Celtic A 0.

Munster Junior Cup Third Round:
Park United A 3 Glenthorn Celtic A 0.

County Cup First Round:
Rathcoole Rovers 3 Waterloo B 1.

County Cup 2nd Round:
Churchvilla 2 Richmond 3;
Tower FC 5 St John Bosco B 2.

City Challenge Cup First Round:
Fairview 7 Castleview 0.

Premier League:
Innishvilla 4 Glen Celtic 0.

Premier A League:
Kanturk 1 Rylane Celtic 1;
Greenwood A 7 Dillon’s Cross Athletic 0;
Lakewood Athletic 3 Crescent Athletic 1.

AUL 3:
Macroom B 2 Bweeng Celtic 2.

Carrigaline United 0 Knockraha B 1.

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