Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Update

Weekly review of Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Sections


Once again it’s time to take stock as the momentum gathers towards the end of the season -although with still plenty of battles left, but first of all, its congratulations to Central Rovers who are our first champions for season 2016-17 after being crowned kings of league three following their recent emphatic victory over Los Zarcos at home.

But, for others, it is business as usual so, let’s get cracking and start by taking a look at the Premier league first.

Premier League:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Pearse Celtic A 13 10 1 2 35 12 31
Park United A 12 10 0 2 38 7 30
Village United 15 9 1 5 38 27 28
Grattan United A 11 8 2 1 26 6 26

Well, I think you all can see quite clearly at this stage that a trend at the top has commenced with Pearse Celtic A leading the way while Park United A look poised menacingly in second spot.

And although Village United are in third, I think they have fallen off the pace over the last few weeks.

But, in fourth spot for me is the third horse in the race – Grattan United A.

So, this is where the ball game is at right now for me and next Saturday up in Lehenaghmore, we have a massive Premier Leaguetussle when Pearse Celtic A face up to title rivals Grattan United A.

And although you might say this one is a banker draw, what a result it would be for either one if they could manage a win.

Park United A are in action on Sunday morning and although Innishvilla are a good enough side to give it a right go here, you would still be fancying Park for a win at home.

So, we still have plenty football left here for these three, but one thing is for sure, they cannot afford any slip-ups whatsoever.

Premier A League:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Lakewood Athletic 15 13 0 2 42 16 39
Knocknaheeny Celtic A 15 11 2 2 51 14 35
Bohemians 15 10 1 4 48 16 31
Rylane Celtic 16 9 1 6 36 20 28
Macroom A 15 8 2 5 39 25 26

Well, as you can also see here – the picture paints a thousand words.

And if a gun was put to your head, you would be inclined to look at a race between Lakewood Athletic and Knocknaheeney Celtic A for the title with Lakewood Athletic having the upper hand at the minute.

But, let’s not forget Saturday’s fixture up in the Fairfield when Lakewood Athletic come to take on Bohemians which is a huge pressure game for both sides.

Bohemians cannot afford to lose this one and if Lakewood Athletic take the points here, they will continue to be in the driver’s seat because you will be expecting Knocknaheeney Celtic A to win away against Springfield on Saturday and if all that happens, then we could be looking at a two horse race.

AUL 1:
This section is quite strange and there were times where you just could not predict results as they were so inconsistent.

Just in case – for anyone who may not be familiar, this was a three round league so, the maximum games will be 21 to play – just to give you an idea as to how far more there is to go here.

Fairview lead the pack with Waterloo A in second spot, but for me, after seeing the top sides  playing here, I was mostly impressed with both Buttevant and Tower and on the evidence of that, I believe the title is between the two of them, but you never know.

And it is ironic that they will also be meeting in the County Cup semi-final tomorrow night at Buttevant.

But, like we said before, for these midweek games, if you do not have all your best players available, you could easily drop points you might otherwise have secured.

So, it can still be squeaky bum time for a lot of top teams yet.

With one game to play, St John Bosco A are on top here with seven points to spare, but they have three games more played than second place Leeview Athletic A with a points tally of 36.

So, the most points they can make is 39.

Leeview Athletic A on the other hand have 29 points with 4 left which means, they can reach 41 points.

If you want to take stats seriously then, Leeview Athletic A would be favourites, but of course, they would have to make sure they win each game going forward.

I believe, the title is really between these two now.

AUL 2:
The game is over here in league two with Donoughmore Athletic running away with it in the end.

But, the scrap for second place is still going on and with two going up from this division, Pearse Celtic B, CFC Banteer and possibly Hibernians will be battling it out until the final bell.

Pearse Celtic B did themselves a big favour following their 3-2 victory over Hibernians tonight at Shanbally.

2A is shaping up to be a two horse race between Glenthorn Celtic B and City Wanderers with City Wanderers looking like they might have the edge as they can reach a maximum 58 points while Glenthorn Celtic B can only get as far as 55.

But, looking at statistics before the end of a season does not guarantee you any titles so, let’s keep a very keen eye on this section as there is still plenty of football to be played yet.

AUL 3:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Central Rovers 17 14 1 2 64 16 43
Temple United 17 12 3 2 41 20 39
Grattan United B 17 11 2 4 40 19 35

Well, we know Central Rovers have already been crowned AUL 3 Champions, but the runners-up spot was claimed also now after Temple’s 1-0 victory away to Macroom tonight.

Although Grattan United B had a good 4-1 win at home over Knocknaheeney Celtic B, they cannot catch Temple now – as you can see from the table above – with just one game left to play.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
South Coast Athletic 17 12 3 2 48 22 39
Leeview Athletic B 16 12 3 1 39 15 39
Churchvilla 15 11 4 0 54 18 37
Greenwood B 16 10 3 3 32 15 33

There is still a bit to go here.

Churchvilla play host to Greenwood B on Saturday afternoon and this one will be far from easy, but if they can manage a win here, they will take over top spot with two games to play.

The next one then to look out for here will be a massive game for both sides when South Coast Athletic and Leeview Athletic B come together down in Shanbally next Tuesday evening.


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