Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Review

AUL Weekly Review/Preview

As we get closer and closer to the end line, the pressure mounts for some sides still with a lot to play for.

For some it’s all over like Central Rovers winning the AUL 3 while Churchvilla claimed the AUL 3A title.

Then, in AUL 2 tonight, Donoughmore Athletic’s 3-3 draw with Pearse Celtic B handed them the crown. But, like I said – the show goes on for others.

So, once again, it’s time for a quick peek to see what we have left.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Park United A 15 13 0 2 49 8 39
Grattan United A 15 12 2 1 44 7 38
Pearse Celtic A 16 12 1 3 43 17 37

Well, there is still a bit of squeaky bum time associated with this section with a few more games to go and over the weekend, we actually have no Premier fixtures at all with Village and Innishvilla taken up with their second leg of the AOH Cup semi-final while Park United A plot and plan for the visit of Bohemians for their second round tie.

But, you can see from the above stats, Park United A have the advantage at this point in time.

Next Tuesday evening, Pearse Celtic A finds themselves at home to Innishvilla – a game they have to win.

Also on the same night are Grattan United A who will be at home to Village United – also,  a must win game for Grattan United A.

Park United A then of course are involved in the Mossie Linnane cup final against Knocknaheeney Celtic A on Friday, 12 May (tomorrow night week) and won’t be in action in the Premier league again until the following Tuesday, 16 May when they travel to take on Pearse Celtic A.

So, I will leave it up to you all to tinker with the permutations and combinations here.

Premier A:

Lakewood can reach 43 points

Knocknaheeney Celtic A can reach 44 points

Bohemians can reach 40 points.

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Lakewood Athletic 17 13 1 3 46 22 40
Knocknaheeney Celtic A 16 12 2 2 54 14 38
Bohemians 16 11 1 4 53 19 34

The big showdown is next Saturday when Knocknaheeney Celtic A take on Lakewood Athletic in a “winner takes all” contest.

If Knocknaheeney Celtic A win, they are the champions. If Lakewood Athletic win, they are the champs – simple as that.

Again, I’ll leave you figure out the rest here. I am sure you will come up with some very interesting scenarios.

League 1:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Fairview 21 11 2 8 52 43 35
Buttevant 14 9 4 1 36 16 31
Tower 14 8 2 4 47 24 26
Waterloo A 19 7 4 8 31 43 25

Fairview as you can see are finished with 35 points, but I think we can all agree here that it is really down to a two-horse race with Buttevant having the edge at this point over Tower so, this is simply just a waiting game for the moment.

League 1A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
St John Bosco A 18 12 3 3 45 25 39
Leeview Athletic A 16 11 2 3 42 19 35

You can see for yourself here what this one is all about.

Basically, Leeview have to win their final two games to win the title.

This challenge will commence tomorrow night (Friday) at the Mayfield Community School where they face up to UCC A.

Then, if they can overcome this one, they will need to beat Cathedral Celtic at home next Tuesday night.

So, Boscos must be biting their nails right now as they lay lurking in the wings for any kind of slip up at all.

League 2:
No need to show you the tables here anymore, Donoughmore drew 3-3 with Pearse Celtic B tonight so, they now have won the league two title with two matches still left to play.

League 2A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Glenthorn Celtic B 19 16 1 2 71 23 49
City Wanderers 18 14 1 3 66 18 43

What a turn-around we are after seeing here. Corkbeg’s 3-0 victory over City Wanderers last Tuesday really put the spanner in the works.

A win plus a draw in Glenthorn Celtic B’s last two games would give them 53 points. City Wanderers can only reach 52 points at best.

So, there we are for another week.




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