All Set for New Season


With the new season coming fast, here is the usual reminder to everyone with regard to sending information into me for coverage on the AUL Pre Season Spread on the Evening Echo.

As usual, we will have a major preview which will be published closer to the start.

There are a lot of pages to fill, so we need your help and it is a great opportunity to publicize your club and your team.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Developments during the summer – pitch improvements, new facilities.
  • How did your AGM go? Any significant changes at the top i.e. new Chairman etc.
    Feel free to list your committee members and their functions.
  • Who is the manager? The assistant? Or any of the backroom staff.
  • Any new signings? Players graduating from the B team? Up from the Youths? Who is the captain for the new season? Have you lost players? Are last season’s top scorers still with you? If so, who are they.
  • Where did you finish up last season and were you happy with it?
  • What are your aims for the new season? Will priority be given to cups or league or just simply consolidation in the section you are in?
  • Who got your annual awards: Player of the year? Top Scorer? Clubman of the Year?

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send this information to me as soon as possible.

Many thanks for you help and the best of luck for the new season. As usual, I can be contacted at 087 7936608 or

With the kick-off to the season ‘round the corner, here are a couple of points to remember:

  • For Saturday and Sunday games, please text\e-mail me as much info as possible about your games – especially the goal-scorers. Players can only be encouraged to do better when they see on the newspaper that their achievements are being highlighted.
  • Please send me the info as soon as possible to allow me a reasonable amount of time to compile all the information for the editorials.
  • Allow for one (1) hour after games before ringing me as I will be on my way home from games and would not be able to take notes while driving.
  • For the purpose of producing accurate and meaningful tables, it is essential that all results come in whether you win lose or draw for both weekend and weekday fixtures.
  • Although it is the responsibility of the home team to send in results, the away team can feel free to do likewise also.




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