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Innishvilla 1-0 Park United A

Congratulations to Innishvilla who are Murphy’s Stout AOH Cup champions for 2016/17 following their 1-0 win over holders Park United A in Turners Cross on Saturday night (27 May 2017).

Mr Ted O’Mahony (Chiarman of the Cork AUL) presents the AOH Cup to Innishvilla’s captain Ger Rice following their 1-0 victory over Park United at the Cross on Saturday night (27 May 2017).
Innishvilla FC display the AOH Cup following their 1-0 victory over Park at the Cross on Saturday (27 May 2017).
Innishvilla’s Jack Walsh is presented with the man of the match award (Sponsored by Gary McCarthy Trophies) by Ted O’Mahony (Chairman – Cork AUL)

Murphy’s Stout County Cup

Strand United win County Cup

Congratulations to Strand United who are Murphy’s Stout County Cup champions for 2016/17 following their 5-4 sudden death penalty shoot-out win over Buttevant in Turners Cross on Sunday night (21 May 2017). The game finished 1-1 after extra time.
Martin Conlon (Cork AUL) presents the man of the match award (Sponsored by Gary McCarthy Trophies) to Strand United’s Dominic Kelleher in Turners Cross on Sunday night (21 May 2017).

Strand United players and supporters celebrate after defeating Buttevant 5-4 on penalties after it was 1-1 over extra time in Turners Cross on Sunday night (21 May 2017).

Martin Conlon (Cork AUL) presents the County Cup to Strand United captain Dan Gallagher following their 5-4 sudden-death penalty shoot-out victory over Buttevant in Turners Cross on Sunday night (21 May 2017). The game finished 1-1 after extra time.

Murphy’s Stout City Challence Cup

City Wanderers win City Challenge Cup

Congratulations to City Wanders who are Murphy’s Stout City Challenge Cup champions following their 2-1 extra time win over Glenthorn Celtic B in Turners Cross on Sunday morning (21 May 2017).

Richard Browne (Cork AUL) presents the City Challenge Cup to City Wanderers’ captain Derek Peyton following their 2-1 win over Glenthorn Celtic B (aet) at the Cross on Sunday morning (21 May 2017).
City Wanderers players and supporters celebrate after winning the City Challenge Cup following their 2-1 win over Glenthorn Celtic B (aet) at the Cross on Sunday morning (21 May 2017).

City Wanderers’ Eoin Healy is presented with the man of the match award (Sponsored by Gary McCarthy Trophies) by Richard Browne (Cork AUL).



Grattan United A clinch Premier League title
Congratulations to Grattan United A who are Premier League champions following their 1-1 draw away to Park United A on Saturday.

Grattan United A captain Eric Shinkwin lifts the Premier trophy after gaining the point they needed following a 1-1 draw away to Park United A on Saturday.
A jubilant Grattan United a side displaying the Premier League trophy after their 1-1 draw away to Park United A on Saturday.

Under-15 FAI Cup Final

Turner’s Cross, Wed 7.30: St Mary’s v Corinthian Boys. Cork teams clash in FAI U15 final

We have a unique occasion in Turners Cross on Wed night next May 17 ko 7.30pm when for the first time ever two CSL clubs compete in a National Cup Final – St. Mary’s and Corinthian Boys.

There are no other CSL fixtures on that night to ensure that everyone involved in schoolboys football in Cork gets the opportunity to go to the game.

If all our clubs even had 20 people there we would have in excess of a thousand people at the match. We would hope that it would be much more.

The CSL has fought down through the years to get SFAI National Cup Finals in Cork if there is a CSL team involved which is now agreed. We had three finals last year when Mallow (U12), Midleton (U13)
and Corinthians (U14) played in St. Coleman’s Park in Cobh that brought out a great attendance. This all CSL Final is a great opportunity for everyone involved in schoolboys soccer to turn out in huge numbers to Turners Cross and copper fasten why more games should be played in Cork.

This is every clubs opportunity to support Cork schoolboys soccer on the national stage and make it a great night in Turners Cross on Wed night.

Please inform all of your club members and give them the chance to support schoolboys soccer in Cork by heading to Turners Cross on Wed night.

The Officials for the night are all CSL panel refs:
Ref – Craig Noonan
Linesmen – Kieran Burns and Ryan Conway
4th – Chris Sheehan

Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Review

Weekly AUL Review\Preview

With just a few weeks left to the end of the season, we still have some unfinished business in the leagues along with having 5 more cup finals to get through so, let’s take another peek across a few sections that still have a bit to go as well as look at the situation after tonight’s games.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Grattan United A 16 13 2 1 46 7 41
Pearse Celtic A 17 13 1 3 47 18 40
Park United A 15 13 0 2 49 8 39

Well as you can see, we are certainly on the home stretch here now with the next game to keep our eyes on being the clash outside in Lehenaghmore between Pearse Celtic A and Park United A next Tuesday.

This one will be Pearse Celtic A’s final game and I have no doubt but they will be going flat out for a win.

Park United A will also have to play Village United yet and potentially, we could see a title decider in their last game against Grattan United at O’Neill Park on the 20th May.

So, lots of excitement yet here.

I am still going to stick to my earlier prediction when I said I fancied Grattan United A to win it.

Premier A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Knocknaheeney Celtic A 17 13 2 2 57 15 41
Lakewood Athletic 18 13 1 4 47 25 40
Macroom A 18 11 2 5 45 26 35
Bohemians 17 11 1 5 53 21 34

Not much to say here really – is there?

Knocknaheeney Celtic A are champions and will be presented with their Premier A trophy following their last game of the season against Bohs this night week at Kilmore Road.

Knocknaheeney Celtic A will as you know be playing Park United A in the Mossie Linnane league cup final at the Cross tomorrow evening so, potentially, they could finish their season on a massive high with two big trophies under their belt.

Lakewood Athletic cannot be caught in second spot as you can see and were deserving runner’s-up while Macroom A spoilt the party for Bohemians with a 2-0 win over them at the Fairfield on Tuesday evening.

Best Bohemians can do now is finish third if they beat or draw against Knocknaheeney Celtic A in their final game.

League 1:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Buttevant 16 10 5 1 40 18 35
Fairview 21 11 2 8 52 43 35
Tower 17 10 3 4 58 27 33

We know already of course that this one is a two horse race with Buttevant having the upper hand a bit, but with 21 games to complete, there is still enough football here to make a difference.

Tower played tonight and ran out easy 5-2 winners away to Blackstone Rovers. They play again next Sunday morning away to Strand United and all they can try to do now is win their games as they come along.

But, this will also be the case with Buttevant so, while others have finished off their season, for both those two, there is a bit of pressure on to keep the consistency going so, no place for the feint hearted here.

League 1A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
St John Bosco A 18 12 3 3 45 25 39
Leeview Athletic A 18 11 4 3 45 22 37

This section is over also. St. John Bosco A won the title on Tuesday night without kicking a ball because Leeview Athletic A could only manage a draw at home against Cathedral Celtic which in essence handed the East Cork side the big prize.

League 2:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Donoughmore Athletic 14 11 1 2 42 21 34
Pearse Celtic B 15 9 2 4 39 29 29

This one is another that has bit the dust with Donoughmore Athletic running out here in the end as comfortable Champions with Pearse Celtic B a worthy runner-up.

Donoughmore Athletic were presented their trophy tonight when they completed their campaign at home against Richmond where they went down 1-2.

What a fantastic way to get crowned champions when you know you have it won going into the final game. In fact, they had it won before the penultimate game last weekend against Hibernians, but tonight, they will be celebrating from the first whistle with their supporters before retiring to the pub to celebrate a job very well done.

Remember also, Donoughmore Athletic’s season will not be over yet after tonight because on May 29th  they will play Knockraha A in the Corinthian’s Cup Final at the Cross so, they could add to their honours yet before the final ball is kicked.

League 2A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Glenthorn Celtic B 20 17 1 2 75 23 52
City Wanderers 19 15 1 3 71 20 46

I’m afraid it is all over here also with Glenthorn Celtic B running out easy 7-0 winners over Castleview in their final game of the season tonight before being crowned Champions of 2A after a wonderful league campaign.

It was always going to be a two horse race here between themselves and City Wanderers, but Wanderers slipped up recently and unfortunately, when you are in a tight race with your opponent, you have to stay the pace until the final bell. .

Glenthorn Celtic B are also involved in the running for a second trophy when they take on their main rivals all season – City Wanderers – in the City Challenge Cup Final at the Cross on Sunday morning, May, 21st at 11am in the Cross.

We previously spoke already about Central winning league 3. Here is the position now for 3A:

League 3A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Churchvilla 18 13 5 0 65 23 44
South Coast Athletic 18 12 4 2 50 24 40
Leeview Athletic B 18 12 4 2 42 23 40

Churchvilla as you can see are champs, but South Coast Athletic and Leeview Athletic B will have to go through a play-off to see who comes runners-up in this section.

This game takes place next Tuesday evening at 7.15 in the Mayfield Community School.

So, as you can see, we are starting to dry up a bit now with less and less to speak about so until the next time, the best of luck.


Once again, here is a gentle reminder of what is left in the Cup Final Calendar in case you are interested in popping out to Turner’s Cross to take a peek.

Mossie Linnane Cup Final:

Knocknaheeney Celtic A v Park United A

Date: Friday, 12th May.

Time: 7.30pm.

Venue: Turner’s Cross.

City Challenge Cup Final:

City Wanderers v Glenthorn Celtic B

Date: Sunday, 21st May.

Time: 11am.

Venue: Turner’s Cross.

County Cup Final:

Strand United v Buttevant

Date: Sunday, 21st May.

Time: 7pm.

Venue: Turner’s Cross.

AOH Cup Final:

Park United A v Innishvilla

Date: Saturday, 27th May.

Time: 7.00pm

Venue: Turner’s Cross.

Corinthian’s Cup Final:

Knockraha A v Donoughmore Athletic

Date: Monday, 29th May.

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Turner’s Cross.

Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Review

AUL Weekly Review/Preview

As we get closer and closer to the end line, the pressure mounts for some sides still with a lot to play for.

For some it’s all over like Central Rovers winning the AUL 3 while Churchvilla claimed the AUL 3A title.

Then, in AUL 2 tonight, Donoughmore Athletic’s 3-3 draw with Pearse Celtic B handed them the crown. But, like I said – the show goes on for others.

So, once again, it’s time for a quick peek to see what we have left.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Park United A 15 13 0 2 49 8 39
Grattan United A 15 12 2 1 44 7 38
Pearse Celtic A 16 12 1 3 43 17 37

Well, there is still a bit of squeaky bum time associated with this section with a few more games to go and over the weekend, we actually have no Premier fixtures at all with Village and Innishvilla taken up with their second leg of the AOH Cup semi-final while Park United A plot and plan for the visit of Bohemians for their second round tie.

But, you can see from the above stats, Park United A have the advantage at this point in time.

Next Tuesday evening, Pearse Celtic A finds themselves at home to Innishvilla – a game they have to win.

Also on the same night are Grattan United A who will be at home to Village United – also,  a must win game for Grattan United A.

Park United A then of course are involved in the Mossie Linnane cup final against Knocknaheeney Celtic A on Friday, 12 May (tomorrow night week) and won’t be in action in the Premier league again until the following Tuesday, 16 May when they travel to take on Pearse Celtic A.

So, I will leave it up to you all to tinker with the permutations and combinations here.

Premier A:

Lakewood can reach 43 points

Knocknaheeney Celtic A can reach 44 points

Bohemians can reach 40 points.

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Lakewood Athletic 17 13 1 3 46 22 40
Knocknaheeney Celtic A 16 12 2 2 54 14 38
Bohemians 16 11 1 4 53 19 34

The big showdown is next Saturday when Knocknaheeney Celtic A take on Lakewood Athletic in a “winner takes all” contest.

If Knocknaheeney Celtic A win, they are the champions. If Lakewood Athletic win, they are the champs – simple as that.

Again, I’ll leave you figure out the rest here. I am sure you will come up with some very interesting scenarios.

League 1:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Fairview 21 11 2 8 52 43 35
Buttevant 14 9 4 1 36 16 31
Tower 14 8 2 4 47 24 26
Waterloo A 19 7 4 8 31 43 25

Fairview as you can see are finished with 35 points, but I think we can all agree here that it is really down to a two-horse race with Buttevant having the edge at this point over Tower so, this is simply just a waiting game for the moment.

League 1A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
St John Bosco A 18 12 3 3 45 25 39
Leeview Athletic A 16 11 2 3 42 19 35

You can see for yourself here what this one is all about.

Basically, Leeview have to win their final two games to win the title.

This challenge will commence tomorrow night (Friday) at the Mayfield Community School where they face up to UCC A.

Then, if they can overcome this one, they will need to beat Cathedral Celtic at home next Tuesday night.

So, Boscos must be biting their nails right now as they lay lurking in the wings for any kind of slip up at all.

League 2:
No need to show you the tables here anymore, Donoughmore drew 3-3 with Pearse Celtic B tonight so, they now have won the league two title with two matches still left to play.

League 2A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Glenthorn Celtic B 19 16 1 2 71 23 49
City Wanderers 18 14 1 3 66 18 43

What a turn-around we are after seeing here. Corkbeg’s 3-0 victory over City Wanderers last Tuesday really put the spanner in the works.

A win plus a draw in Glenthorn Celtic B’s last two games would give them 53 points. City Wanderers can only reach 52 points at best.

So, there we are for another week.




Donoughmore FC players and supporters pose after being presented the league two trophy last Thursday evening (11 May 2017).


Congratulations to Donoughmore Athletic who are champions of League 2 following their draw with Pearse Celtic B in Donoughmore tonight.

Waterloo FC Make Presentation


Denis John O’Mahony, Club Chairman, Waterloo AFC presenting jersey and sponsorship to Kate Durrant from Pieta House. Waterloo AFC raised sponsorship for this suicide and mental health charity in memory of Tony O’Mahony a former Waterloo AFC player. Pieta’s logo is on our new jersey set. You can find out more about Pieta House’s services at or participate in the upcoming darkness into light run on the 6th May.

Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Review


We are certainly getting closer to the line now with the excitement starting to build up fairly intensely at this stage. Let’s once again take a peek across the sections.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Pearse Celtic A 15 11 1 3 38 17 34
Park United A 13 11 0 2 41 7 33
Grattan United A 13 10 2 1 34 6 32

I thinks we are looking now at these three with Park United A and Grattan United A having the edge over Pearse Celtic A, but you never know.

Games coming up for these sides will be Pearse Celtic’s trip to Glen Park on Saturday while Grattan United A welcomes the visit of a rejuvenated Coachford side to O’Neill Park.

Both must-win games of course for Grattan United A and Pearse Celtic A.

Park United A of course will not be on league duty as they have to pay attention to their First Leg AOH Cup tie up in the Fairfield against Bohemians on Saturday at 2 p.m., but on Tuesday, they will host Glen Celtic while GrattanUnited A make the short trip to Glenthorn Park to take on Glenthorn Celtic A.

So, there’s still a bit of a waiting game here to see if we see any surprises crop up.

Premier A:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Lakewood Athletic 16 13 0 3 45 21 39
Knocknaheeney Celtic A 16 12 2 2 54 14 38
Bohemians 16 11 1 4 53 19 34

This one is starting to get real interesting.

The top three as you can see have just two games to go and here’s the schedule.

Lakewood Athletic must travel to take on Rylane Celtic and a win here would put them in a very strong position with 42 points and just one game to go.

Next Saturday then what a cracker we could have on our hands when Knocknaheeney Celtic A play host to Lakewood Lakewood A.

So, as you can figure out, if Lakewood Athletic beat Rylane Rylane and draw with Knocknaheeney Celtic A, they will be champs because they will have 43 points – Knocknaheeney Celtic A would have 39 points with a game to go – that’s one way of looking at it.

I’ll leave ye figure the rest out for yourselves.

AUL 1:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Fairview 19 10 2 7 49 39 32
Buttevant 12 7 4 1 29 15 25
Waterloo A 18 7 4 7 30 34 25
Tower 13 7 2 4 38 23 23
Rathcoole Rovers 15 7 2 6 41 34 23

Here is the situation for AUL 1:

As you can see, there is quite a bit of football yet to play.

Just to put you in the picture here, there are 21 games to be played in case you are not sure.

So, it’s really early days although we can be making our predictions right now.

With games in hand, I suppose, both Tower and Buttevant catches the eye, but remember, this is a very tiring part of the season with players playing midweek games as well as weekend end clashes.

But, these two have big squads which is a huge plus to counteract fatigue.

Despite that, I think the winner is going to come from one of these two.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
St John Bosco A 17 11 3 3 43 24 36
Leeview Athletic A 14 9 2 3 37 18 29
Dunbar Celtic 15 7 3 5 30 23 24

Here is the situation in 1A.

St. John Bosco A have just one left. Leeview Athletic A are looking good with four games to go and it would look like at this stage that the title is in their hands.

AUL 2:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Donoughmore Athletic 12 10 0 2 34 16 30
Pearse Celtic B 14 9 1 4 36 26 28

I think you will all agree, with 15 games to be played here, this is a no-brainer as to whose going to win the title.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Glenthorn Celtic B 18 15 1 2 67 22 46
City Wanderers 17 14 1 2 67 16 43

This is definitely down now to a two horse race.

Glenthorn Celtic B made a massive statement on Tuesday night with a 2-0 win over their title rivals City Wanderers in their own back yard at the CIT Grounds.

Here is what’s next up for these two.

City Wanderers will travel to Popham’s Road where they will be red-hot favourites to take the points against Hillington while Glenthorn Celtic B go on the road to take on a tricky fixture against Carrigtwohill United, but you would have to fancy Glenthorn Celtic B here.

That being the case, the table won’t change after the weekend.

Then, on Tuesday, City Wanderers will take on Corkbeg at home in what will no doubt be a must must must-win game.

So, let’s wait to see if any upsets happen.

AUL 3:

This one is well and truly over now with Central being crowned as champions officially tonight following their 2-1 defeat over runners-up Temple United at Central Park.

The photograph speaks for itself.

Central Rovers celebrate after being crowned league 3 Champions officially following their 2-1 victory over Temple at Central Park tonight (Thursday, 27 April 2017).


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
South Coast Athletic 18 12 4 2 50 24 40
Leeview Athletic B 17 12 4 1 41 17 40
Churchvilla 16 11 5 0 56 20 38

Here is the scenario.

Churchvilla will play UCC B on Saturday and as you can see, a win here would give them 41 points with one game left..

They then must play Leeview Athletic B next Tuesday night in what will be both team’s final game in the league at Kilmoy in Cloyne and a draw here or a win would see them over the line as Champs.

But, as you know, there are a couple of other permutations and combinations to be considered also.

Anyway, we are nearly there, but still more excitement to wait around for.

Talk again next Thursday.



Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Notice Board

Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL


Mossie Linnane League Cup Final:
Knocknaheeny Celtic v Park United
Date: Friday, 12th May.
Time: 7.30 p.m.
Venue: Turner’s Cross.

City Challenge Cup Final:
City Wanderers v Glenthorn Celtic B
Date: Sunday, 21st May.
Time: 11 a.m.
Venue: Turner’s Cross.

County Cup Final:
Strand United v Buttevant.
Date: Sunday, 21st May.
Time: 7 p.m.
Venue: Turner’s Cross.

AOH Cup Final:
Team names later.
Date: Saturday, 27th May.
Time: 7.30 p.m.
Venue: Turner’s Cross.

Corinthian’s Cup Final:
Team names later.
Date: Monday, 29th May.
Time: 7.30 p.m.
Venue: Turner’s Cross.

Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Update

Weekly review of Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Sections


Once again it’s time to take stock as the momentum gathers towards the end of the season -although with still plenty of battles left, but first of all, its congratulations to Central Rovers who are our first champions for season 2016-17 after being crowned kings of league three following their recent emphatic victory over Los Zarcos at home.

But, for others, it is business as usual so, let’s get cracking and start by taking a look at the Premier league first.

Premier League:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Pearse Celtic A 13 10 1 2 35 12 31
Park United A 12 10 0 2 38 7 30
Village United 15 9 1 5 38 27 28
Grattan United A 11 8 2 1 26 6 26

Well, I think you all can see quite clearly at this stage that a trend at the top has commenced with Pearse Celtic A leading the way while Park United A look poised menacingly in second spot.

And although Village United are in third, I think they have fallen off the pace over the last few weeks.

But, in fourth spot for me is the third horse in the race – Grattan United A.

So, this is where the ball game is at right now for me and next Saturday up in Lehenaghmore, we have a massive Premier Leaguetussle when Pearse Celtic A face up to title rivals Grattan United A.

And although you might say this one is a banker draw, what a result it would be for either one if they could manage a win.

Park United A are in action on Sunday morning and although Innishvilla are a good enough side to give it a right go here, you would still be fancying Park for a win at home.

So, we still have plenty football left here for these three, but one thing is for sure, they cannot afford any slip-ups whatsoever.

Premier A League:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Lakewood Athletic 15 13 0 2 42 16 39
Knocknaheeny Celtic A 15 11 2 2 51 14 35
Bohemians 15 10 1 4 48 16 31
Rylane Celtic 16 9 1 6 36 20 28
Macroom A 15 8 2 5 39 25 26

Well, as you can also see here – the picture paints a thousand words.

And if a gun was put to your head, you would be inclined to look at a race between Lakewood Athletic and Knocknaheeney Celtic A for the title with Lakewood Athletic having the upper hand at the minute.

But, let’s not forget Saturday’s fixture up in the Fairfield when Lakewood Athletic come to take on Bohemians which is a huge pressure game for both sides.

Bohemians cannot afford to lose this one and if Lakewood Athletic take the points here, they will continue to be in the driver’s seat because you will be expecting Knocknaheeney Celtic A to win away against Springfield on Saturday and if all that happens, then we could be looking at a two horse race.

AUL 1:
This section is quite strange and there were times where you just could not predict results as they were so inconsistent.

Just in case – for anyone who may not be familiar, this was a three round league so, the maximum games will be 21 to play – just to give you an idea as to how far more there is to go here.

Fairview lead the pack with Waterloo A in second spot, but for me, after seeing the top sides  playing here, I was mostly impressed with both Buttevant and Tower and on the evidence of that, I believe the title is between the two of them, but you never know.

And it is ironic that they will also be meeting in the County Cup semi-final tomorrow night at Buttevant.

But, like we said before, for these midweek games, if you do not have all your best players available, you could easily drop points you might otherwise have secured.

So, it can still be squeaky bum time for a lot of top teams yet.

With one game to play, St John Bosco A are on top here with seven points to spare, but they have three games more played than second place Leeview Athletic A with a points tally of 36.

So, the most points they can make is 39.

Leeview Athletic A on the other hand have 29 points with 4 left which means, they can reach 41 points.

If you want to take stats seriously then, Leeview Athletic A would be favourites, but of course, they would have to make sure they win each game going forward.

I believe, the title is really between these two now.

AUL 2:
The game is over here in league two with Donoughmore Athletic running away with it in the end.

But, the scrap for second place is still going on and with two going up from this division, Pearse Celtic B, CFC Banteer and possibly Hibernians will be battling it out until the final bell.

Pearse Celtic B did themselves a big favour following their 3-2 victory over Hibernians tonight at Shanbally.

2A is shaping up to be a two horse race between Glenthorn Celtic B and City Wanderers with City Wanderers looking like they might have the edge as they can reach a maximum 58 points while Glenthorn Celtic B can only get as far as 55.

But, looking at statistics before the end of a season does not guarantee you any titles so, let’s keep a very keen eye on this section as there is still plenty of football to be played yet.

AUL 3:

Pld W D L GF GA Pts
Central Rovers 17 14 1 2 64 16 43
Temple United 17 12 3 2 41 20 39
Grattan United B 17 11 2 4 40 19 35

Well, we know Central Rovers have already been crowned AUL 3 Champions, but the runners-up spot was claimed also now after Temple’s 1-0 victory away to Macroom tonight.

Although Grattan United B had a good 4-1 win at home over Knocknaheeney Celtic B, they cannot catch Temple now – as you can see from the table above – with just one game left to play.


Pld W D L GF GA Pts
South Coast Athletic 17 12 3 2 48 22 39
Leeview Athletic B 16 12 3 1 39 15 39
Churchvilla 15 11 4 0 54 18 37
Greenwood B 16 10 3 3 32 15 33

There is still a bit to go here.

Churchvilla play host to Greenwood B on Saturday afternoon and this one will be far from easy, but if they can manage a win here, they will take over top spot with two games to play.

The next one then to look out for here will be a massive game for both sides when South Coast Athletic and Leeview Athletic B come together down in Shanbally next Tuesday evening.

Murphy’s Stout Cork AUL Update

Weekly Review on AUL League Sections

Once again it’s time to take another peek at the sections as the season really starts to gather momentum.
And as you all know, we have seen some very strange results indeed.
But, we said that this was always possible to happen due to the unavailability of some key players because of work commitments for these mid-week games.
And for me, it’s at this time of the year, titles and relegation battles are decided upon unless you have accumulated a massive amount of points ahead of the evening games OR if you are lucky enough to have your regulars able to make those fixtures.
Anyway let’s continue.

Pearse Celtic A lead the pack here and you must say, they will be happy with their performances despite drawing 2-2 away to Coachford last time out.
Village United’s defeat at home to Grattan United A has hurt them a bit – enough to take them off the radar for now.
On the contrary, the win for Grattan United A has certainly grabbed the attention of the enthusiasts once again, but with quite a few games to catch up with, they will of course be hoping that they can stay away from injury and hope to have their best 11 out from here on in.
Park United A have made superb ground and are lurking now in third spot after a 7-0 drubbing of Blarney Street Athletic on Tuesday.
Innishvilla have dropped off the pace now and will be hoping to finish as high up the table as possible.
Carrigtwohill Untied A had a right challenge on their hands starting out when they had to re-build from scratch, but what a response from the younger players they got and it looks like they can put plans in place now to be a force once again in the Premier section for next season.
Glen Celtic has also fallen behind after some recent defeats, but will certainly live to fight another day in the Premiership.
Coachford have made dramatic improvements and are giving it a right go to survive.
That was a huge point gained against Pearse Celtic A on Tuesday and if they can manage to keep up this good form, they will pull away from the danger zone.
Glenthorn Celtic A had a good 2-0 win against Glen on Tuesday, but will need to pull out all the stops now from here on in.
But, for Blarney Street Athletic now, it is looking like Premier A football for them next season.

Premier A:
What a cracking section this has been all season.
Knocknaheeney Celtic A are on top at this point in time, but they will know better than anyone else that Lakewood Athletic look like the team now that are the ones to watch.
So, for these two boys now, there cannot be any slip ups of any sort on the run in. Knocknaheeney Celtic A will need to win away to Macroom A while Lakewood travels to Greenwood A with nothing else but a win on their minds.
In third spot are Bohemians who went off the boil a bit lately, but have since redeemed themselves on Wednesday night with a narrow 2-1 victory over Greenwood A.
There is still enough football here for some more twists and turns, but one thing is for sure, the pressure is on the top four to secure maximum points from here on.
Rylane are another side who have fell off the pace a bit and have a lot of ground to catch up with and to be honest, I think the dropping of some essential points recently has damaged their hopes of promotion.
So, if Bohemians can’t get a result away to Kanturk on Saturday and Lakewood Athletic beat Greenwood A along with Knocknaheeney Celtic A getting the better of Macroom A away, I think we would then be looking at a two horse race between Lakewood Athletic and Knocknaheeney Celtic A.

League 1:
What an inconsistent section this is starting to be.
We saw on Tuesday night bottom side Tower (who we know are better than what their position suggests) beat leaders Fairview 6-1.
Then, Blackstone Rovers who were showing very well all along – they go down away to Waterloo A 1-2.
Buttevant had a tough one away to a Strand United side who are fighting for survival, but managed a point after a 0-0 draw while Cloughduv Celtic went down 0-4 away to Rathcoole Rovers.
If you look at the table here, you would have to pay attention to Buttevant and to be honest, if they can get a run going, they will certainly put themselves into the favourites category here to win the section.
And if you write off Rathcoole Rovers you do so at your pearl. They are not out of the race at all yet.
In fact, with their games in hand, mathematically, they are in there with a right shout.
Beyond that, Strand United have been fighting for their lives and giving it a right go as there is still some football to be played yet.
If Tower can get the better of Blackstone Rovers on Saturday, it will be a massive three points.
So, there is plenty to look out for in this section yet.

League 1A:
On to 1A now and it’s St. John Bosco A who lead the way still despite not having played either Tuesday or Thursday this week.
Closest rivals Leeview Athletic A were in action tonight and were held to a 2-2 away to Cathedral Celtic which keeps them in touch in second spot.
Then, in third spot is Knockraha A who recorded a 1-0 victory tonight.
At the wrong end and with little games left, it looks like Greenmount Rangers could be in trouble, but at the top end, St. John Bosco A and Leeview Athletic A are holding their own with Knockraha A along with Dunbar Celtic hoping for slip-ups to happen while they look after themselves in the meantime with positive results.
But, really, it is all still to play for here.

League 2:
There was just one game on tonight here with leaders Donoughmore Athletic cementing their position at the helm with a 3-0 victory over Grangevale.
And you would have to say the title is there’s to lose now.
But, for the chasing pack, there is still an incentive there to keep going as two go up from this section so, lots for Pearse Celtic B, Hibernians and CFC Banteer to play for yet.

League 2A:
The only game on here was Glenthorn Celtic B v Blackpool Celtic with the former running out 2-0 winners to hold on to their status in second spot.
Top of the pile are Corkbeg who will really take massive confidence from their win against City Wanderers last time out.
Sunday next they take on the other potential title chasers Glenthorn Celtic B and if they can manage a win here, who knows what can happen with plenty of football still to be played.
Whatever about winning the title, they might start to fancy themselves as promotion candidates.

League 3:
Tonight’s results did not really bring any surprises and in any event, the show is over here because if Central beat Los Zarcos at home on Saturday, they are champions.
Working on the assumption that Central can pull it off next Saturday, the fight behind them will still go on for second spot which of course will grant whoever that might be promotion to the second division.
So, we are still in a squeaky bum scenario here yet – even for favourites Central.

League 3A:
What caught my eye immediately here with tonight’s results was South Coast Athletic’s defeat at the hands of UCC B 3-2 at home.
This really throws the cat among the pigeons and without a doubt, at this point in time, its advantage Churchvilla who had a 2-0 victory away to St. John Bosco B which consolidates their position at the helm having gone 14 games unbeaten now thus far.
The scene is certainly set for a right showdown down in Shanbally on Saturday when South Coast Athletic play host to Churchvilla.
And if Churchvilla can manage to get a win here, you would have to be going for them as favourites to go on and win the title.
If that happens, what a fight we will have on our hands between South Coast Athletic, Greenwood B and Leeview Athletic B as they prepare themselves to battle for the runner’s up spot.

Anyway, once again, hope you enjoyed the bed time reading and I will be back again next Thursday to take stock once again,

Yours in sport,