Murphy’s Irish Stout Cork AUL Club Information Handbook/Rule Book

Welcome to the Cork Athletic Union Football League’s Club Information Handbook/Rule Book page.

Please click here if you wish to view the Cork AUL Secretary’s List/Handbook 2019/20 (as of 24 September 2019) and it will open as a Microsoft word file.

Please print this and keep for your information as the League will not be printing a Handbook this season.

  • Please note, the Referee’s information contained here is the most up-to-date information that is available to us.

The Club Information Handbook/Rule Book will be updated should any of the information in it changes and it is advised to check this page for updates on a regular basis.

To print the Handbook as an A5 booklet, simply follow the instructions below.

  1. Save the document to your computer (it should be saved as a pdf file or Adobe document)
  2. Open the pdf doucment in Adobe reader.
  3. Once the file is open click the File drop-down menu and then print to open the Printer dialog box
  4. From the print window select the Booklet option.
  5. Press Print to print the document as a Booklet

2 thoughts on “Murphy’s Irish Stout Cork AUL Club Information Handbook/Rule Book”

  1. If a referee sends off a player and in the report clearly indicates a different player number is the report and subsequent suspension valid. An incident has occurred recently where a player was incorrectly sent off and in the referee report the player was indentified by wearing a number 10 jersey whereas the player was actually wearing number 5. This discrepancy is impossible in terms of a typing error. The match card confirms this, as does the referees report. Can this be contested?

    1. Robert,
      I am no longer the Secretary of the Cork AUL. Please get your club secretary to write to the new secretary with all the relevant information.


      Martin Conlon

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