Cork AUL League Records

Welcome to the Cork Athletic Union Football League’s  Records page for League competitions.

This page is currently under construction but should you wish to view any records that are already uploaded, simply click the link and the page will be opened format for you.

Some League’s are no longer competed for (Intermediate League, League Division 1B and League Division 2B among others) but we are endeavouring to show our full list of League Records here.

In 2005, a new league was set up, in conjunction with the MSL, to run youth and under-17 football in the region and as such, our underage records will reflect this.

Please feel free to browse and enjoy your time here.

Intermediate League

Premier League Premier A League  League Division 1 League Division 1A League Division 1B  League Division 2  League Division 2A League Division 2B  League Division 3 League Division 3A   League Division 3B  Junior County League
Reserve Junior League

Youths Premier League Youths Division 1 Youths Division 1A
Youths Division 2 Youths Division 2A


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